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  Holly's Story

Holly Davidson was born in London in 1980. When she was six her family moved to Shropshire where she remained until moving back to London aged 16. Growing up in the countryside meant Holly had adventurous upbringing.  Even today her spirited personality still echoes the cheeky tom-boy who liked to explore the waterfall at the bottom of the garden.

During her childhood Holly spent a lot of time visiting her older sisters in London and family remains her top priority. And with four sisters, five nephews and a niece there’s plenty to keep her busy!

Holly gets her theatrical flair from parents Mary and Robert. Her Mum was a dancer and actress, and her dad is a photographer whose sixties clientele included the Rolling Stones and Frank Zappa. From the age of eight, appearing in school productions, and alongside her sister Sadie in films as an extra, Holly knew she wanted nothing else from life but to act. “I loved to perform” she says, “My younger sister and I would dress up and put on shows for our family.”

At age 15 Holly employed an acting agent and soon after won her first role in a one-off Channel 4 show called Pigeon Summer. Soon she was landing bigger roles, including Food of Love with Richard E Grant and with her career under way she left school and moved to London to live out her dream. By 2005 Holly had begun to live that dream when she was nominated for a National Television Award for her role in the BBC television series Casualty.

Holly is part of the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research TVTimes Celebrity Running Team (nicknamed the Banana Army), taking part in runs across the country to help raise awareness of the charity.

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